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Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Tickets for "CONDUCTORS OF CHANGES. 5th Forum" (11/13/2018 – 11/13/2018)
Type Number Price Sum
Participation in all Forum business program events. Informal communication and gourmet cuisine.
The price is valid until 28 October 2018 subject to availability of tickets.
UAH 8,999.00
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Premium Only 15 tickets
Participation in all Forum business program events. Informal communication and gourmet cuisine. Place in the first row. Networking specialist services. Express registration for the Forum.
UAH 11,999.00
UAH 0.00
Last call
Available on 28 October 2018
UAH 10,999.00
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Press (pre-registration) Free

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Traditionaly the transformational processes within the triad Personality/Society – Business – State make the basis of the annual Forum “Conductors of Changes”
Ukraine faces many complex and difficult challenges. Not only must we determine who we are as a nation and attain these challenges in a short time, but also become competitive on the world stage. For this purpose, many habits and approaches, inherited from our past, must be examined.

Ukraine needs innovation and total modernization of everything that surrounds us: public administration, business models, production technologies, management culture, etc. Otherwise, the development gap when compared to the rest of the world will soon become catastrophic. All market participants – be it a state, business or any of us – should work much more cost-effectively, in comparison with the lead countries.
Indeed, before we fly to conquer Mars, we must make ourselves effective. And this means that we have to face the systemic task of a cultural shift. Therefore, in 2018, for the "Conductors of Changes" 5th Forum, as the cross-cutting theme, we have chosen the capacious word – "Result".

This task requires not only thinking about how we can remove the current gap with the help of modern technologies but also about how to change the passive and procedural worldview of Ukrainians, their attitude towards work, and personal effectiveness. How do we direct our attention to creating value for customers? How do we develop innovative thinking, involvement, and a focus on results?

On 13 November, in Kyiv, we will disclose successful examples of the transformation of Ukrainian and international companies, which have advanced most in the implementation of the result-oriented culture.

We will talk about how to achieve cultural change in a complex market. How to overcome crises and obstacles, while simultaneously restructuring a company on its way to achieving its goal? What management technologies and tools to use? How to inspire and lead people and where to find the motivation for achieving extraordinary goals?
We will talk about this and many other things at the "Conductors of Changes" 5th Forum.
Date and time: 13 November, 2018, 8:00 - 18:00
If you wish to place an advertising stand or demo of your product in the area of the Forum, please contact Alla Keda.
38 044 221 53 17, AKEDA@NOBLESFORTUNE

13 November 2018
08:00 — 18:00
Hilton Kyiv
Ukraine, Kiev
Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard 30

Event host